Adding A Cut Off Saw To Your Toolbox

cut off sawPeople who are involved in construction have a good understanding of the tools they need to produce a high quality product. These tools are the main items that can help them convert an ordinary piece of wood or metal into useful and stylish objects such as furniture, floorings and home decor. Gaining the expertise on how to properly use these tools enables individuals to efficiently produce outputs that can be displayed and sold to interested parties. The cut off saw is one of the tools that newbie workers should know how to use. Knowing how to use this tool efficiently will certainly be of great help to in achieving their objectives.

This type of saw is considered as a power tool that woodworkers use in order to cut and fashion wood and metals into a more subtle form appropriate for the design they are working on. This equipment is frequently used to cut raw materials in right angle. This is typically made up of an abrasive disc which looks like a thin cutting wheel. The abrasive disc is the main component of this equipment which directly cuts the material. Typically, abrasive discs measures 2.8 millimeters thick and 360 millimeters in diameter. For larger construction projects, customized abrasive discs measuring up to 410 millimeters can be used. Discs can be considered as the consumable items for this equipment since it loses its sharpness and wears out after months of continuous use. Individuals who use this equipment need to replace the discs regularly to use the machine efficiently for their work.

Since cutting hard objects such as metals create higher tension, a high risk of instability is present whenever an individual is using this equipment. In order to address this issue, the disc is usually fixed onto a stable base plate in order to avoid balancing issues while cutting the material. This saw is also installed with clamps that are used to put the raw materials in place. A pivoting arm is also present in order to ease up the cutting process and to minimize the risk of injury while using the equipment.

This saw promises the following advantages and benefits to their users:

1. This equipment made construction process faster and easier. Before, fabricating lightweight steels need to be done in offsite workshops through the use of fixed power band saws. Through this equipment, fashioning metals can be easily done in the construction site, thus, reducing the non-value adding time in the construction timetable.

2. This equipment is considered as the cheaper alternative for cutting metals and wood. Prior to the introduction of this equipment, cutting metals is done through acetylene torches. These costs of purchasing these torches are higher since they are chemical consumables.

3. These saws are also considered as the safer alternative of cutting metals. The chemical used in acetylene torches can be dangerous to the health of people exposed to them. On the other hand, the material used in manufacturing this saw (i.e. diamond bits and silicon carbide) are amalgamated with a bonding agent that is not harmful to the user’s health. These saws are also installed with features that ensure the safety of its users.

Individuals can certainly find a lot of use for this saw. Portable, hand-held and stationary versions of this equipment has been made available that would cater to specific needs of the users. Users need to evaluate carefully which type of saw is appropriate to the expected level of work before purchasing. This is very important in order to optimize the benefits they can get from the equipment in the future.

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